SIM-IA focuses on providing high, mid, and low fidelity simulation experiences to healthcare providers across the State of Iowa. While clinical simulations can be found in many formal education programs for students, simulation resources are often not readily accessible for certified and licensed providers.

Providing clinical simulations for healthcare professionals beyond their initial education provides opportunities to:

  • promote active and engaged learning of new procedures, equipment, and skills
  • experience clinical situations that may occur less frequently, especially in rural areas
  • practice essential teamwork and communication skills
  • discover procedural, resource, or access challenges before impacting patient care
  • ensure the highest quality care and evidence-based practice across the state

SIM-IA's mobile program brings clinical simulations to the healthcare providers, in their clinical settings, rather than requiring travel to distant simulation centers. This unique feature allows more health care professionals to train together without disrupting staffing, patient care, and reduces both education